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Industrial Strength Cleaners For Maintenance and Manufacturing

Our extensive line of cleaners make tough jobs easier when it comes to maintenance, manufacturing and processing. Our industrial cleaners are formulated to to be both cost-effective and eco-friendly. From dip tanks to spray washers, we can provide your team the best formulations to achieve your business goal.

Tru-Chem’s industrial strength cleaning chemicals products include:

    • Maintenance and Industrial
    • Spray wand cleaners
    • Electrolytic
    • Alkaline spray cleaners
    • Acid spray cleaners
    • Immersion cleaners

Product Category and Benefits

CitruSolv Degreaser – T.C. 214-WI
Use in dip tanks, spray cleaning and straight for burnishing and tumbling to remover the toughest grease and grime from tools, dies and metal parts

CitriSolv – T.C. 285
Excellent water rinsable solvent that’s safe on painted surfaces as a degreaser, adhesive remover, parts cleaner, printing press solvent and tire mark cleaner.

Neutral Spray and Soak Cleaner – T.C. 800
Neutral liquid spray cleaner designed to overcome problems encountered with powder or emulsion cleaners

Maintenance Cleaner – T.C. 901
Formulated for the toughest cleaning jobs in the transportation industry.

Multi-Purpose Alkaline Cleaner – T.C. 905-X
Medium duty, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner

Liquid Alkaline Detergent – T.C. 4080
Excellent for Transportation Equipment General Maintenance

Electrolytic Cleaner – T.C. 135 
Granular, alkaline, biodegradable cleaner for ferrous metals.

Liquid Electrolytic Cleaner – T.C. 163
A clear, liquid electrocleaner for ferrous base metals

Electrolytic Cleaner for Brass and Copper – T.C. 167
Single-packaged powdered alkaline material

Non-Chelated Electrolytic Cleaner – T.C. 199-NC
A dry, granular, alkaline cleaning compound for ferrous metals

Electrolytic and Soak Cleaner – T.C. 1627
Heavy duty alkaline powder

Heavy Duty Cleaner/Additive – T.C. 171
Highly alkaline, liquid compound used for cleaning, paint stripping and derusting in soak tanks or spray washers.

Alkaline Soak Cleaner and Rust Remover – T.C. 219-GRZ
Liquid, heavy-duty soak cleaner for job shop or process plant operations.

Alkaline Soak Cleaner and Rust Remover – T.C. 228
Heavy duty, granular soak cleaner for job shop or process plant operations.

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner – T.C. 229-CE-2L
Formulated for both spray washers and immersion tank operations.

Alkaline Cleaner – T.C. 819
Mild cleaner used in the food industry for cleaning all types of equipment, pasteurizers and fittings.

Alkaline Soak Cleaner and Deluster – T.C. 830
Recommended for the removal of processing oils, smuts, greases and lubricants from ferrous metal surfaces in soak tank applications.

Alkaline Cleaner – T.C. 832
A specially formulated blend of highly effective surface-active agents, chelating agents and alkali salts.

Super Concentrate – T.C. 850-CW

Super Concentrate with Rust Preventative – T.C. 850-CW-RI

Super Concentrate with Rust Preventative – T.C. 859

Spray Cleaner – T.C. 885
Powdered non-phosphated, solventized for use in spray washers.

Alkaline Cleaner and Rust Preventative – T.C. 885-RT
Safely removes soils from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and glass.

Alkaline Steam Cleaner – T.C. 963
A heavy-duty, metal-safe alkaline steam cleaner that provides excellent penetration of numerous soils resulting in a film-free surface. Used in car and truck washing, steam cleaning, aircraft exterior cleaning, etc..

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner – T.C. 1617
Heavy duty liquid cleaner for use in spray washer and immersion tank operations. Removes heavy soils, rust and paint quickly.

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner – T.C. 1617-LF
Used in spray washers and immersion tanks

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner – T.C. 1618
Heavy duty liquid cleaner for use in spray washer and immersion tank operations.

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner – T.C. 1619
Heavy duty liquid cleaner formulated for use in spray washer and immersion tank operation.