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Appliance Manufacturing

Our metal preparation and forming chemicals used in a various manufacturing applications were developed to address the latest safety and environmental standards while eliminating costly equipment and processes from daily operation.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-effective

From general maintenance chemicals to our specialty dry lube used in appliance parts manufacturing, we source the latest products and formulations to suit your specific need. Products such as our T.C.1800-3 Dry lube is formulated and developed to make multiple and deep draws in hand fed, transfer, and progressive dies with ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. It has no hazardous weld smoke and eliminates disposal and housekeeping cost. Our dry lube is proven to increase die life while washing chemicals are reduced or eliminated increasing tool life.

Call us today and our dedicated team will gladly arrange an onsite presentation or conference call to discuss your current and future manufacturing planning. We will provide you personal service during all phases of operation in order to achieve your goals.