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Pretreatment Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals to Effectively Prepare Parts for Paints and Coatings.

Our pretreatment chemicals, conversion coatings and final rinses to prepare metal and plastic substrates for the efficient and effective application of coatings. Tru-Chem’s pretreatment chemicals enhance paint adhesion, improve corrosion protection and provide increased durability of the finished ware.

TruChem’s industrial pretreatment chemicals product line includes:

Phosphates & Sealers

  • Iron phosphates
  • Detergent iron phosphates
  • Zinc phosphates
  • Final seals and rinses

Derusters and descalers

Chromate conversion coatings – hexavalent and trivalent for aluminum

Non-chrome metal treatments

Paint strippers

Spray wands

Liquid Iron Phosphate – T.C. 625-LW
For Three or Five-Stage Washer and Soak Tanks using biodegradable surfactants to removes soils, oils and other contaminates.

Liquid Iron Phosphate  – T.C. 650
For Three or Five-Stage Washer and Soak Tanks using a blend of highly effective biodegradable surfactants that upon cleaning, deposits a high quality iron phosphate coating.

Heavy Zinc Phosphate – T.C. 655
A thick light green liquid that is miscible with water in all proportions. Designed to produce heavy, dense crystalline zinc phosphate coatings on iron and steel parts with no foaming tendency and no fire hazard.

Zinc Phosphate – T.C. 657
Applied through immersion or spray providing uniform zinc phosphate coating that meets TTC-490-B Type 1, Type 3 and QQP-416-C specifications.

Liquid Iron Phosphate – T.C. 687
Designed specifically for steam gun or tank applications. Cleans, conditions and coats ferrous metals by removing oils, shop oils, smuts, etc.in preparation for painting.

Conversion Coating – T.C. 1890
Organic coating system for prevention of white rust and storage corrosion on zinc alloy surfaces with anti-fingerprint characteristics.

Alkaline Soak Cleaner and Rust Remover – T.C. 219-GRZ

  • Highly active, liquid, cleaning compound
  • Recommended for the removal of processing oils, smuts, greases and lubricants from ferrous metal surfaces
  • Also employed to remove light rust, paint and other organic coatings
  • High in dispersion and emulsification
  • Excellent longevity
  • Non phosphated and biodegradable

Metal Conditioner – T.C. 702

  • A liquid phosphoric acid based product
  • Incorporates a blend of surfactants that provide cleaning of the metal surface for subsequent rust removal
  • Cleaning is rapid, allowing rust removal to be accomplished quickly
  • Used in dilution’s of 1:3 to 1:10
  • Can be use din an immersion tank (acid resistant) operation or manual brush-on, wipe down applications
  • Used for simple metal treatment, prior to painting, if no other treatment is available
  • Commonly used for rust removal prior to a phosphating operation

Rust Remover & Rust Inhibitor – T.C. 714

  • Powder-form material designed to remove rust as well as shop and fabricating soils.
  • Protects against re-rusting.
  • Provides a good base for many paints and rust preventative oils and waxes.
  • Ideal for renovating salvaged parts and certain rejects.

Rust and Scale Remover – T.C. 735

  • Granular dry-acid rust and scale remover.
  • Specially formulated to provide safety, east of handling, and economy.
  • Inhibited against attack on base metals.
  • Will not affect dimensional tolerances.
  • Biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Alkaline Soak Cleaner and Deluster – T.C. 830

  • An alkaline, granular, highly active cleaning compound
  • Recommended for the removal of processing oils, smuts, greases and lubricants from ferrous metal surfaces
  • May also be employed to remove light rust, paint and other organic coatings
  • High in dispersion, emulsification
  • Excellent longevity
  • Non-phosphated and biodegradable

Alkaline Paint Stripper – T.C. 414

  • Dry, granular, free-flowing compound.
  • Contains highly active alkaline salts, accelerators, complexing agents, and surface-active ingredients.
  • Designed for soak tank applications.

Alkaline Paint Stripper – T.C. 431+

  • Brown, granular, dustless, powdered alkaline paint stripper
  • Effectively removes difficult synthetic finishes
  • Does not present disposal problems
  • Removes high solid paints
  • Free of any disagreeable odor
  • Provides penetration, saponification and chelation to remove resinous binders and pigments

Liquid Additive for Activating Alkaline Paint Strippr Companion Material for T.C. 431+ – T.C. 431-LA

Specific enhancing agent for T.C. 431+.

  • Proper combination can create paint stripping solutions of extraordinary potency
  • High degree of synergism in the chemical reactivity removes difficult finishes.

Acid Activated Non-Chlorinated Cold Paint Stripper – T.C. 471

  • Provides effective penetration and removal of tenacious paint finishes.
  • Low volatility.
  • Suitable for use in conventional immersion type stripping operations.
  • Pressure rinse recommended to remove loose paint.

Liquid Paint Stripper – T.C. 910-A

  • Strong, caustic alkali solution and is water based.
  • Highly chelated to handle paint pigments.
  • Exceptional in hot tank immersion.
  • Applicable to ferrous metals and cooper alloys but attacks aluminum and zinc.